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My degree is not in a built environment subject

If you are a manager in the built environment and your degree is not connected to construction, you can apply for Chartered CIOB Membership after having worked in the industry for five years or more by taking the Professional Review. You must join the CIOB as a non-chartered member (Applicant) before you can proceed to the Professional Review. Apply online now by clicking Join Now.

Less industry experience?

If you’re a more recent graduate, our Professional Development Programme (PDP) could ease your path to Chartered membership.

  • Flexible study programme
    The PDP is a flexible study programme that allows you to identify any gaps in your skills and competencies, mapping out a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan with your employer. Throughout the programme, you will be compiling evidence of your work within an e-portfolio that enables you to keep track of your progress. 
  • Supported through Professional Review
    As part of your course, you will undertake the Professional Review, so you won't have to complete this on your own.
  • Only 18 months to MCIOB
    The PDP usually takes one to two years to complete, depending on experience, and as you'll be undertaking your Professional Review as part of it, you'll be a Chartered Member soon after completion. The PDP is open to graduates working anywhere in the world.

Faster route for recent graduates

For more recent graduates, our Graduate Conversion Certificate will support your transition into the industry, help you build up the essential knowledge and skills you need to progress up the management ladder.

  • From 14 months to MCIOB
    The GCC generally takes between one and two years to complete. Once completed, you can then apply for the Professional Review, which could lead to you gaining Chartered membership within 12 weeks of applying.
  • At your own pace
    The GCC offers a combination of structured classroom learning and practical skills development.
  • Level 4 Certificate in Site Management
    On completion you will receive a CIOB Level 4 Certificate in Site Management which is earnt as part of your GCC. Another benefit to add to your CV.
  • AQP Card
    You'll be able to apply for an Academically Qualified Persons Card (AQP Card) upon completion of the GCC.


The Graduate Conversion Certificate is available to graduates based anywhere in the world.