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CIOB accredits degree qualifications

CIOB accreditation is an internationally recognised seal of quality assurance for the teaching institute and a gold standard for educational programmes in the built environment. The award of accreditation signifies that both the teaching institute and the programme have met the highest standards of quality.

Through accreditation, the teaching institute can develop links with industry experts and gain access to the latest research, CPD events and influential figures in the industry. Accredited courses can use our logo, as seen on the right, for marketing their courses and state that they are CIOB Accredited in their Key Information Sets (KIS). Click here to request the logo.

We accredit foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes all around the world, which match our educational requirements. The full range of courses we accredit is listed here.

Achieving accreditation for a course is beneficial for students, who can be assured that their chosen programme meets the highest academic and vocational standards and will provide them with exemption from membership requirements. Students have access to the CIOB library and information services, professional development activities as well as careers advice and progression opportunities. Our new careers portal provides a wealth of free advice. Outstanding students of accredited programmes may be awarded CIOB Certificates of Excellence.


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