Collaboration with the Institute of Roofing(IoR): Sharing a Similar Mission


Kay Rose

CEO, Institute of Roofing

Last updated: 16th June 2022

Some of you reading this blog might be wondering what the Institute of Roofing (IoR) is, and, what we do. 
As a quick introduction, we are the only professional roofing body in the UK. Established for more than 40 years, we have been supporting, guiding and helping individuals create new opportunities to progress their professional career in roofing. 
Some of you will already be members, but, we are working in collaboration with the CIOB to encourage more synergy, and invite all individuals to enjoy the benefits of becoming an IoR member during a time of true transformation and positive change. 

Collaboration with the CIOB

When I took on the role as CEO in September 2021, I knew I had a lot of work to do to modernise the Institute, draw in much needed resources to help us grow and have a real voice and presence in the wider construction industry. 
In April 2022, I held my first AGM as CEO.  Caroline Gumble, CEO of the CIOB, kindly attended and offered some fantastic words of wisdom. I was thrilled when Caroline said she would join us and I believe we are at the start of very exciting and positive times working together. 
When I first met Caroline, I was inspired by what she said to me. She understood exactly the resource challenges we are facing and offered invaluable advice and support. Speaking to her really focuses the mind on the work we have ahead of us at the IoR, but it is also encouraging to know it is achievable. 

A New Vision

It has been a great honour to take over the position as CEO, especially at such an important time and crossroads in our industry. But with this honour comes huge responsibility to our existing and future members, and the sector as a whole, which I do not take lightly. 
The CIOB has achieved Chartered status and this is also a key goal for the IoR.
I know that won’t happen overnight and I do not want to cut corners to get there. A lot of planning, resource and work will have to go into this, and we need to put some foundations in place first. 
But the most important thing for me is, that once we get there, to make sure we are strong enough to sustain Chartered status. The work we are doing now will ensure we are. 

A Linchpin for the Industry

The roofing industry is very different from where it was only a few years ago, and we can’t get stuck in our traditional ways.
The IoR needs to become more involved in key decision-making groups within the wider sector, working closely with key stakeholders outside of roofing in a bid to evolve and modernise. 
I see the IoR as the future linchpin for the industry. We must become the ‘go to’ professional membership organisation that every person in the roofing industry aspires to join and remain a member of. 
Like the CIOB, there is a place for us within working groups and competency frameworks, looking at the gaps in professional training and qualifications.

A Positive Outlook

I strongly believe that if we want to grow as a professional body within roofing, we must ensure the structure of the IoR board also reflects our objectives and aims. This is why I am also looking to bring in influencers from other sectors to become involved within the IoR, including professionals from the education industry.
I also envision for us to have IoR Ambassadors, and company supporters, to further build on our resources and make us a stronger trade association. Evolving our training offering and providing more online resources I believe is also key to success. 

We are no threat to the CIOB, or any other trade associations, as the drive for professional competency in our sector, especially post-Grenfell, means we should be working more collaboratively. 
I am really excited about where we can go, and believe this is the time for change.