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Construction Youth Trust is a charity whose aim is to inspire and enable young people to overcome barriers and discover a career in the construction and built environment sector. 

Social mobility is at the heart of the Trust’s work and they prioritise supporting young people most likely to miss out on opportunities or facing barriers to employment. The Trust helps young people to recognise their full career potential and discover opportunities that they might have never previously considered.

The Trust forms and sustains long-term relationships with schools, organisations and industry partners in specific place-based hubs. This strategic approach allows the Trust to have the greatest impact on local young people.

In schools, the Trust works with industry volunteers to deliver employer-led sessions and programmes which widen students’ career horizons, champion STEM careers and break down stereotypes surrounding the industry. Research has shown that 4 or more encounters with employers makes young people less likely to become NEET (not in education, employment or training).

Working locally, the Trust also carries out community outreach programmes for harder-to-reach young people in order to positively engage them in their community, build practical construction skills and raise career aspirations.

The Trust wants to level the playing field for the young people they work with. By working alongside industry partners to identify real pathways into employment for young people, the Trust is able to connect upcoming talent to tangible career opportunities in their local area. Introducing young people to relatable professional role models also allows them to see someone like them represented and succeeding in the sector.

“I’d never met someone like Anthony who worked in the construction industry before. He was dynamic and made me realise that a large variety of people work in the construction industry” – young person Tega talking about an industry volunteer he met

Industry partners are vital to the work of Construction Youth Trust. If you would like to partner with the Trust, there are many different ways you can lend your support:

• Volunteering for school or community project sessions

• Facilitating workplace or site visits

• Hosting work experience placements

• Offering in-kind support, i.e. practical training

• Providing apprenticeship or employment opportunities

To get involved with the Trust and inspire the next generation about careers in construction and the built environment, please contact [email protected].