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We take great pride that anyone wishing to pursue a professional career in construction can achieve that ambition with us. Being a ladder for opportunity is central to our role in the industry and the public for whom we serve. We have been working hard with our members to improve the journey new people undertake as they join us.

What we have developed are clearer pathways for a more defined experience, that is personalised for the candidate.  So, no matter if those wanting to join have already built up a lot of experience in the industry or are just starting out on their career, we have mapped out pathways that enable them to successfully reach that Chartered membership goal. 

These changes don’t affect the rigour or credibility of our qualifications, which are precious to us and our members, rather the changes remove barriers to entry and better enable those joining the CIOB to clearly choose their own journey to chartership. 

Our focus from the moment that a candidate joins us is to help them obtain Chartered membership, with a smoother and more efficient experience including clearer pricing so that prospective joiners know the costs involved and can access further support from the CIOB.

By providing this personalised experience for candidates, the pathways provide access to specific products and services to support their professional development and learning.  Meeting the needs of the individual and responding to the differences of our candidates in a meaningful way is vital for us to deliver a fantastic experience whilst they are on their Chartership journey. 

We are also introducing new support such as a structured mentoring service to help those that need that little bit extra. Afterall construction as an industry does this better than most, and it makes perfect sense for us to enable Chartered members who want to help others gain our professional qualification and give something back to do so. 

All of us expect an incredible online experience these days no matter the size of the organisation or our relationship with it. We all demand to be able to self-serve our own requests and locate information easily. Our candidates, and our members, share those expectations, which is why we have given our membership portal further investment to be as user-friendly and informative as possible. Putting more power into the hands of those on the journey to becoming a Chartered Member, and those who are already part of our community.

The changes we are making will come into effect during the second quarter of 2021. We are already contacting any members these changes will affect, but if you do have any questions you can call our team on +44 (0) 1344 630700 or by clicking here.