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On the surface Governance is not a topic that captures the headlines, unless something goes wrong. Essentially governance influences how an organisation’s objectives are set and achieved, how risk is monitored and addressed and how performance is optimised.

Some months ago when the CIOB published its new Corporate Plan there was a theme within the plan called ‘Agile CIOB’, and this is why we are reviewing our Governance so that we can maintain our quality and rigour but improve our agility making us more flexible for the future.

For the CIOB governance also has an extra meaning, we are a professional body, a home for professionalism, a standard setter; and we have a Royal Charter which also means we have to do things in a certain way. All of those important elements are being taken into consideration as we look to challenge ourselves and make some changes.

At this year’s Members’ Forum, we are asking for feedback from members on our work so far before we enter into a full member consultation with proposals back to the Board of Trustees later this year.   That work has looked at how we simplify our decision-making process, create clearer lines of reporting and delegation and improve the flow of communication and engagement within our Hub network.

This review is vital in how the CIOB will maintain and improve its decision making for the future.  Without a strong foundation of good governance, we won’t be able to build upon the values and ideas we have.

Watch the Governance Review presentation made at Members' Forum 2020

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