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The pride and passion CIOB members share for the Institute has never failed to impress me and our Chartered home has been a big, important part of my professional and personal life. I was honored to be President of the CIOB a few years ago and during that time I visited most of our local operations in the UK and overseas. 

Back in 2015, we embarked on an ambitious change project called One CIOB. Our aim was to modernise our local structure and develop new products and services that would enable a more accessible experience for members. 

In tandem with members we have delivered significant changes that will have a lasting impact for those who want to engage with us locally, nationally and globally and for those who want to source knowledge, networks and information in a way that suits them best. Opening up that access has been a big first step and more will follow as our digital services develop in line with the needs of our members.

Looking back at some of the highlights of this project, it has included:-

- major improvements to CPD and the introduction of CPD webinars onto the new CPD Portal, along with a new online events booking tool, allowing members to access CPD anytime, anywhere

- a new, more representative and supported local Hub structure, incorporating the Novus network the leaders of tomorrow

- improved reach and relevancy of our communications with members, and new social media channels

- staff changes, roles and training has enabled better member support and feedback to influence change

There are other  areas where One CIOB has developed new thinking and approaches which we will learn from and further adapt.  One example has been the immensely successful external engagement pilot in Wales, which has improved our influence with a number of key political stakeholders and on a number of important Welsh issues. This formula will be replicated in other key regions globally.

Getting feedback and listening to what our members think and want is incredibly important and we recognised the need to give our community more opportunity to talk to us. Part of that has seen the introduction of our annual all member engagement survey which members will receive later in the year. 

It has been my privilege to head such a significant change project and on behalf of the Institute I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the staff, members and especially the One CIOB working Group for their unstinting enthusiasm, drive and creativity in bringing about change that will enable the CIOB to move confidently into its next period of development. 

But right now we want to gauge your views and opinions on the changes we have made. As part of that I am inviting CIOB members to take part in a survey so that we can keep pace with you and so that you can help us shape the future of our local operations.  If you are a member you will recieve an email from us before 18 May 2018, please do take some time and give us your feedback.

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