The Chartered Membership Programme: Results 2022

Joanne Bennett

Professional Programmes Manager

Last updated: 7th September 2022

The CIOB recognises that there are many highly skilled people in the sector who merit entry to CIOB membership, although they may not have the requisite academic qualifications. 

That is why the Chartered Membership Programme is such a great route to MCIOB for individuals with significant management experience who lack formal qualifications at honours degree level. It allows candidates to demonstrate their competence, skills and knowledge through a vocational project-based programme. 

It takes only one academic year to complete, typically 9 months and candidates register with an approved provider who will mentor and prepare them to sit an Open Book exam based on a project scenario at the end of the course in either June or November. Candidates who successfully pass the exam can then progress to the Professional Review to become a Chartered Professional. Over the years, many of our CMP candidates have commented that the programme both enhanced their knowledge and skills and most importantly boosted their confidence and conviction that they can be a valuable member of the CIOB.  

At the CIOB we like to recognise success amongst our great CMP candidates and as such, every year we look at the top scoring candidates from both the June and November exams and reward these candidates for their achievement. Their outstanding grades are the result of dedication and hard work while still carrying on the day job. 
Each candidate receives a prize (glass engraved paperweight) and congratulatory certificate. 

Exam results overall for 2022 have been super, a total of 120 candidates participated in the examinations. We have achieved a 80% pass rate! 
We want to congratulate all of our providers to delivering a high quality service to all our learners. 

A learner’s reflection…

Andre Camilleri, In House Consultant
Throughout the past 20 years I have been handling various projects within different work sectors. Around ten years ago I decided to shift from IT and telecommunications to restoration and renewable projects. The CMP learning adventure started around a year ago, when one of my client’s project managers approached me to become a member of the Malta Chamber of Construction Management. Although being sceptical since this chamber was in its initial stages, I looked into this opportunity to achieve a professional warrant within the industry. Since the Maltese professional warrant framework is still in the legislation phase, I was guided to the CIOB CMP course. Reviewing the course outline that led to a chartership ticked all the boxes. The journey began through the guidance of the CIOB Academy, following a structured six-month crash course that covered the four modules. Having a tertiary education level did help in producing the correct coursework, while understanding the academic approach requested. All was carried out through the guidance of Dr Hammond. Throughout the course journey one must dedicate a number of hours a week. I must admit, being a ‘crash course’, trying to reach a balance between work, studies and personal time was not easy but by the end it was worthwhile; especially when being informed that you achieved the silver award.  

The CMP is run through various providers across the UK, please contact your chosen provider to get more information on fees, availability and time frame – details are available on our website: Chartered Membership Programme .