What’s next for ACIOB and ICIOB members?

There are several different membership pathways our ACIOB and ICOB members can move into before this grade closes in July 2025.

Last updated: 1st July 2024

Our Associate and Incorporated grades are coming to a close in July 2025, but that doesn’t mean the end of the line for these members. 

Our ACIOBs and ICIOBs have been fantastic examples of what professionalism looks like within the construction industry, and we want to ensure that these members have an exciting new journey just around the corner. 

We have several alternative options for our ACIOB and ICIOB members to take, depending on their experience, education and aspirations. 

Chartered Member – Professional Review
To become a CIOB Chartered Member and gain the post-nominals ‘MCIOB’, members will need to complete a written assessment called the Professional Review (PR). The PR is made up of questions for you to answer based on your experience. 

There is a range of support to help you through the process, including workshops, mentors and encouragement from your PR provider. We also can make reasonable adjustments and special considerations for those needing extra support, such as those with visual impairments or dyslexia. 

You will need to hold a Level 6 qualification or higher to be academically eligible for this grade.

Chartered Member – APEL 
For those who do not hold a Level 6 qualification, our Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) route is the perfect pathway. APEL is designed for those who have focused their career on experience and now require support to obtain the academic requirements needed to progress to chartership.  

APEL is a straightforward verbal assessment of how an individual’s knowledge and experience meet the academic requirements of membership, allowing the applicant to progress to our Professional Review (PR) assessment with support from an APEL provider. 

Chartered Member – Fellowship
Fellowship is our most prestigious grade and is suitable for those with five years of experience leading an organisation and people, who also contribute to the industry, communities or society.

The Fellowship journey comes with full support from our team, from workshops to mentoring, to help you succeed and add ‘FCIOB’ after your name in no time.

Technical Member
We also have our newest grade of membership: Technical Member (TechCIOB). This grade empowers specialists to promote their achievements via a globally recognised certification and the post-nominals ‘TechCIOB’. 

Members planning to retire
For those Associate and Incorporated members who plan to retire soon, we offer them the same CIOB benefits and a formal title. A retired ACIOB or ICIOB will no longer have to maintain their continuing professional development (CPD), however, they can still have access to CPD events free of charge. They will also receive other benefits, including a hard copy of the Construction Management Magazine.

If you want to know more about moving grade, please get in touch with our Customer Service team 01344 630700 or email [email protected].