Young professionals see benefit in TechCIOB membership

Gaining the Technical Member grade provided access to new development opportunities for young professionals, including three in England’s southwest.

Ruth Kennedy-Green

Last updated: 22nd March 2024

Harvey Davies TechCIOB and Jacob Broome TechCIOB, both apprentice site managers with BAM, and Andrew Wildish, a Trainee Technical Co-ordinator with Barratt David Wilson Homes, recently achieved their TechCIOB professional memberships. While each has taken a different route into the industry, all three say they were drawn to the learning and development opportunities afforded by the membership.

TechCIOB membership, launched in 2023, provides access to more than 500 events each year, free Continuous Professional Development (CPD) resources from the CIOB Academy and access to the CIOB’s Library Information Service. 


Davies says he decided to apply for TechCIOB membership due to the additional networking opportunities it provided, as well as the access to the CIOB’s construction communications. 

He had initially started working as a labourer with an agency after leaving college, working on Bam Construction sites in the southwest. After six months, he then began working towards a Level 3 Civil Engineering qualification with Shared Apprenticeships before being scouted by BAM and recruited for an apprenticeship to complete his construction site supervisor Level 4, which was followed by Level 5 and 6 studies in construction management.

Davies says the process to achieve TechCIOB membership was relatively simple to follow after achieving distinction in the End Point Assessment (EPA), with the membership application completed online. “The Level 4 apprenticeship was funded by BAM was supported by the CIOB, which meant I could use all the criteria the apprenticeship required as evidence to achieve a distinction,” he says. “Having a professionally recognised body validate my competence supports my efforts in getting my name out there to contractors and employers.”

Gaining his TechCIOB membership has allowed him to keep up to date with the construction industry and the ever-growing changes occurring nationally, as well as providing access to information on modern technologies, regulations and legislation, and networking opportunities and events.

The opportunity for networking and communication in the industry, as well as the events and opportunities to expand his portfolio, will also support his future career development. 

“If I can capture these changes and be innovative to implement my own projects, I can excel in my development and encourage more effective and efficient ways of working,” he says. 

Ongoing development

Broome also entered the industry straight from school. He says that while he was always keen on engineering and design, he decided to take on an apprenticeship with BAM after learning that they had built his secondary school.

He has so far worked on seven projects ranging from education to healthcare, and enjoyed the unique challenges that each has brought. While completing his apprenticeship, BAM changed the End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) to the CIOB, which allowed Broome to obtain his TechCIOB member as part of his studies.

“I found the membership application process very straight forward which allowed me to become one of the first with the new membership,” he says. “Having this membership has brought several benefits such as access to countless CPD opportunities, allowing me to get my name out in the industry, contact like-minded people, and prove my commitment to my professional development.”

Jacob Broome

Wildish took a different route, applying for a Degree Apprenticeship scheme in Technical and Design Management with Barratt Developments whilst transitioning out of the Royal Navy. Having completed his apprenticeship course with CIOB, Wildish says he already had everything on file to complete his TechCIOB application. 

“I wanted to apply for the TechCIOB membership because there is a lot of CPD on offer which would benefit me as I progress through the industry,” he says. “The process was very simple as I had already gathered the required evidence through my apprenticeship course with CIOB.”

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Andrew Wildish