Training Partnerships

Training Partnerships are a free service that CIOB offers to built environment organisations. Forming a joint venture with the company, CIOB creates a bespoke training, learning and development plan for the staff, paving the way towards a fully Chartered workforce.

Individual plans are created for each employee or employee group, taking their unique needs into account. We then offer advice on the most suitable routes towards becoming Chartered. The training programme can be tailored to all relevant members of staff regardless of age, experience and qualifications.

What kind of organisation becomes a Training Partnership?

Over 400 companies have enrolled onto Training Partnerships with CIOB as part of their commitment to staff development. We regularly work with CIOB Chartered Building Companies and Consultancies but the scheme is also open to non-chartered companies, including client organisations that have in-house construction teams. 

What can I expect if my company signs up to a Training Partnership?

Here is a typical scenario:

  • CIOB holds an introductory meeting, explaining the benefits of the scheme to the company and employees. An agreement is signed
  • Employees taking part in the scheme complete a CIOB training assessment form, setting out their experience and qualifications
  • We will assess each form, providing tailored career advice for each individual on the most suitable routes towards Chartered membership
  • We create a report for you, outlining the strategic training development plan for all participating staff members
  • We advise and help you source training either in-house or through external providers
  • We continue to provide ongoing support as requested

How long do Training Partnerships last?

Organisations that sign up as a Training Partnership with the CIOB are entering into a long term informal relationship. CIOB support staff are happy to meet with your company either regularly, or as required, depending on the rate of staff turnover and the level of training activity.

Does CIOB pay for training?

No, we do not fund training, but we are happy to provide unlimited advice on the most effective training and staff development strategies for your company and help you source suitable training providers.

What are the benefits?

Forming a Training Partnership with CIOB sends a clear message that you set high standards for your workforce by expecting them to become Chartered.
Having a company-wide training strategy brings several benefits:

  • It can help with your company’s long term planning and financial strategy, forecasting the training budget that will be required over a number of years
  • It eases the process for individuals that want to become Chartered, providing support, encouragement and strategic advice to ensure that they follow the most suitable route at the most appropriate time
  • The company has instant visibility of the educational and training status of all employees through a comprehensive report, produced by CIOB
  • By entering into an informal, long term relationship, you can access advice from CIOB at any time
  • As a Training Partnership, you will have access to the Tomorrow’s Leaders Community, a cross membership community within CIOB focused on building professionalism and enhancing the pipeline of high-quality construction talent.

Apply to Enter into a Training Partnership with the CIOB Now

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