Digital Technologies & Asset Management

Digital technologies are now an integral part of our built environment. The choice is not when or if built assets will use technologies, but rather how much will be used. Technologies like artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and the Internet of Things raise real questions for members and the industry.

This Digital Technologies & Asset Management Special Interest Group (SIG) will look at how these current and future ways of working will reshape the construction industry and affect job roles. 

Expert members meet quarterly to share ideas; provide expert input into the CIOB’s policy and external engagement work; and guide CIOB’s educational activity. 

Current Activity:

Current schemes of work include:

  • Forthcoming infographic indicating available, useful and innovative digital technology for Construction Managers
  • A Digital Technologies – timeline of emerging applied technologies and relevance to the built environment
  • A BIM Organisational Assessment Toolkit
  • Working with the Centre from Digital Built Britain [CDBB] to facilitate a series of BIM Roundtable events and CPD
  • The data asset security subgroup has also researched construction specific data security principles which have informed the new report ‘The Role of Security in the Construction Industry’, available as a pdf below. This will also inform new CPD and training to be available next year.


Resources, Submissions and Projects:

Consultations; Reports; CPD, training and qualifications; Events; Past minutes/agendas


  • David Philp MCIOB (Chair)
  • Stefan Mordue (Vice-Chair)
  • James Daniel 
  • Morven Armour 
  • Wes Beaumont 
  • Noha Saleeb 
  • Rebecca De Cicco 
  • Jennifer McDonald 
  • Rachael Atkinson 
  • Neil Thompson

David Philp MCIOB - Digital Technologies & Asset Management Chair

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