CIOB Awards Ireland

More than twenty years ago, our Construction Manager of the Year Awards (CMYA) began its journey in Ireland to find the very best examples of excellence and professionalism in the industry. We are thrilled to announce details about the CMYA in Ireland 2022 competition.

Why enter?

The best in the business

Winning an award at CMYA Ireland can provide you with a wealth of new opportunities and be a springboard in your career unlike any other. In fact, many of our previous CMYA medal winners have said that the awards have had hugely positive effects on their career. You will meet leaders and other upcoming talent from throughout the built environment, making entering the competition a networking opportunity like no other.

It’s about more than a building

The Construction Manager of the Year celebrates the achievements of those who inspire, lead and enable the very best delivery of a project and produce buildings that have a positive impact on those who use them. Our judges look beyond the building, at the project as a whole. It’s not about being the biggest or most impressive but about the individuals who make these projects possible, and the impacts they deliver.

Become Chartered

Once you become a finalist, you will be eligible for Chartered Membership of the CIOB.

Who can enter?

Entries are welcomed from CIOB members and non-members. CMYA Ireland is open to all construction managers, whether they are site-based or not, multi-site contracts managers, retail project managers, mechanical and electrical project managers, consultancy based managers responsible for multiple clients or projects; this is inclusive of elements of a project, such as a subcontract package. The nominated individual is required to have demonstrated excellent management skills throughout the construction phase. Learn more about our definition of the management of construction.

How much does it cost?

CMYA Ireland is free to enter. It costs nothing, just the time taken to complete your application.

CIOB’S Construction Manager Designation


Architectural Technicians
Asset Manager
BIM Manager
Building Technician
Business Development Manager
Clerk of Works
Client Representative
Contract Administrator
Contracts Manager
Commercial Manager
Design Manager
Estate Manager
Facilities Manager
Information Manager
Project Engineer
Project Manager
Site Agent
Site Engineer
Site Manager

*It includes, but it is not restricted to these roles.


Building Control
Building Information Modelling
Building Services
Health & Safety

And, or, any specialist design & delivery role specific to project type – rail, health, nuclear, education, infrastructure etc., noting this list is not exhaustive.


Construction Manager of the Year is one category of CIOB Awards Ireland. This will include five sub-categories, based on project values:

  • Projects up to €10M / £8.5M
  • Projects from €10M to €25M / £8.5M to £22M
  • Projects from €25M-€60M / £22M-£52M
  • Projects over €60M / £52M
apartment block
night photo of a city from above

Competition Timetable

The winners will be announced at the CIOB Ireland Awards Ireland 2022 at Croke Park Stadium, Jones Road, Dublin 3 on 31st March 2022.

  • 19th November 2021: Closing date for entries
  • December 2021: Finalists’ announced
  • January 2022: Judging: project visits and interviews
  • 31 March 2022: Awards ceremony and dinner, Croke Park, Dublin

Judging Process

Once applications close, the judging process takes place in two stages:

Stage 1: Assessment

After the application deadline, the judges start assessing the submitted forms. You will be informed in early October if you have made it through to the next stage.

Stage 2: Project Visit & Interview

Judges will visit your site so you can talk through some of the key aspects of your project. This stage usually takes place in October or November. There will then be a formal interview, either on the site or nearby. You will be able to bring up to three supporters, clients or line managers with you to support you.

The exact format of Stage 2 may be changed this year, due to covid requirements. This will be finalised and advised to applicants closer to the time.

CIOB Awards Ireland logo
CMYA Winner 2019 - Alan Barnes

CMYA in Ireland 2019

We have put together a highlights video from our Construction Manager of the Year Awards in Ireland, this event was held on 20 June 2019.


CMYA Ireland is important because it celebrates the the team and celebrates the leader of the team who actually delivers the project from the ground.

The project managers play a pivotal role in the delivery of the project and I think to bring that to the fore of how they manage a team, how they bring a project to fruition, not just the project itself by how we celebrate the people within the project and I think that's why I enjoy it.

It's a wonderful event with wonderful people with some great projects, bringing the industry together and I think the people involved should be really proud of themselves for what they've achieved.

CMYA is important for the industry because CMYA is about the individual it's not about the company like other awards that we have. It's about the individual, celebrating the success of a construction manager. It's important for a head office to support Construction Manager of the Year in Ireland and the regional hubs because we are truly global organisation.

CMYA provides a base level for all the all the industry in Ireland. It shows how good the Irish industry is and how big construction is in the country. It also can show what they can take into other markets in the UK and across the world. The Irish industry can be the best there is.

In our line of work what we do really matters. We produce homes, schools, workplaces, leisure facilities, and infrastructure, not just impressive in their own right but actually improve people's lives.

I think it's fair to say that the standard was exceptionally high this year. All of the candidates were really very keen to present their projects in a very positive fashion.

Now there are five awards tonight which means that everyone here is going home with nothing.

Obviously to become a finalist is a very rigorous task. We bring them through quite a process to get to this point. When we get to that process we actually offer them a chartered construction memberships so they will actually become a full member of the
Chartered Institute of Building by becoming a finalist in this competition.

It's a greater recognition. The CIOB covers about forty seven thousand members throughout the world and is recognised nationally.

When a finalist wins an award the joy and support and the round of applause and the cheering that they get for winning something I think is a very enjoyable point of the evening for me.

My favourite part is seeing the faces of people when they come up to get their award most the faces of the people are at the table with them and their friends I think it's all this is fantastic and can't be forgotten.

My name's Alan Barnes I'm a project manager with Collin construction, a Dublin-based construction company and I have just won Construction Manager of the Year for Scott's Church on Abbey Street. The client VHI.

The construction project I took part in commenced in 2016 and was completed last July 2018 just over two years so I'm very excited very blown away by what's just happened to me tonight not only for myself but for sure the people who were at the table beside me because I know I put a lot of work to the projects, but those guys put just as much work as well so this award is as much for them as it is for me so I'm absolutely delighted.