What is Construction Management?

Our belief is that by expressing the role of construction management clearly it increases the opportunities of the discipline to be of service; improving our ability to attract the next generation of talent into the profession, as well as recognising the work which our current members are involved in.

At CIOB, we embrace the entire breadth of the construction process, from inception through completion and into reuse – with a focus on committing to sustainable construction. 

We’re committed to improving the quality of life for those who use and create the built environment. Our system of values shows how important we consider our responsibility to humanity and the future of our planet. 

Our Definition

Construction management is the development, conservation and improvement of the built environment through clients, organisations and individuals working together to meet the changing needs of our global society. 

Construction management includes a wide range of specialist services and it's informed, supported and challenged by an independent academic discipline. 

The CIOB’s Construction Manager designation incorporates a wide range of roles and is not restricted to:

Architectural Technicians, Asset Manager, BIM Manager, Building Technician, Business Development Manager, Clerk of Works, Client Representative, Consultant, Contract Administrator, Contractor, Contracts Manager, Commercial Manager, Design Manager, Estate Manager, Facilities Manager, Information Manager, Operator, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Site Agent, Site Engineer, Site Manager 

And within the following areas:

BREEAM, Building Control, Building Information Modelling, Building Services, Cost, Civil Engineering, Demolition, Design, Environment, Fire, Health & Safety, Heritage, Highways, Landscape, Legislation, Logistics, Planning, Procurement, Programme, Risk, Structure, Sustainability, Transportation

And, or, any specialist design & delivery role specific to project type – rail, health, nuclear, education, infrastructure etc, noting this list is not exhaustive.

The Membership Spectrum

The Membership Spectrum describes just how uniquely broad our membership is in this sector. It evidences the fact that the CIOB, as the professional home for those who manage in construction, includes members in almost all the roles associated with the making of our built environment. That in turn demonstrates that the discipline of construction management is much broader than many will think.