Our four Governance Committees advise the Board of Trustees. Committee members consist of Trustees, co-opted members and a representative from Members Forum.

The Nominations Committee oversees the election and selection of new trustees and makes sure that the Board of Trustees has the right skill set.  It’s their job to audit all the board members’ skills to make sure that they can manage us properly. 

The Audit and Risk Committee monitors our risk management strategy and oversees budgeting and internal control and the external audit process.

The Remuneration Committee advise the Board on the remuneration policy for the chief executive and defined members of staff. This includes the terms of service contracts, bonus and pension arrangements, and benefits in kind.

The Resources Committee provides the link between the strategic activity of the Board of Trustees and the operational activity, covered by three Operational Boards which report to the committee. 

The committee advises on how financial and other resources should be deployed in order to deliver the Corporate Plan. It has primary responsibility for the budgeting, management and financial reporting process. And it’s this committee’s job to make sure that trustees and staff have the financial and other information they need to make informed decisions in the CIOB’s interests.