Our four Governance Committees advise the Board of Trustees. Committee members consist of Trustees, co-opted members and a representative from Members Forum.

There are five separate Governance committees which advise the Board of Trustees. Committee members consist of Trustees, co-opted members and representatives from Members Forum and Tomorrow Leaders.

The role of the Nominations Committee is to keep under review the composition of the Board of Trustees with specific reference to the competence, knowledge, and integrity of the Board, whilst maintaining an ongoing assessment of the overall balance and performance of the Board. 

The Committee also has oversight of the process for recruitment, assessment, election and selection of new Trustees, Chair, Vice President, and Hubs.

The Finance and Risk Committee has primary responsibility to oversee the budgeting and financial reporting processes, together with the risk management strategy, and internal and external audit. 

The Committee advises the Board on the allocation of financial and other resources in the delivery of the Corporate Plan. It is also charged with ensuring that Trustees and staff have the financial and other information they need to make informed decisions in CIOB’s interests.

The Remuneration Committee advises the Board on the remuneration policy for the Chief Executive and defined members of staff. This includes the terms of service contracts, bonus and pension arrangements, and benefits in kind.

The role of the Professional Standards Committee is to oversee the advancement of the Construction Management profession and knowledge of the science and practice of building and construction through the appropriate education, qualifications, standards and practices, for the benefit of society.

The Member Engagement Committee provides the strategic steer and voice of the member to strategies related to acquisition and retention (growth) of membership and continually engage with stakeholders ensuring market relevancy across a global field of building and construction.​​​​​​​

In additional to this, we also have the External Advisory Board and Member’s Forum who advise the Board of Trustee’s.

The External Affairs Advisory Board provides strategic direction on policy and public affairs matters as well as input on and support for delivery. Its broad purpose is to provide a body of expertise to assist CIOB in development of its global external policy.