Information for current approved centres

Our approved Centres involved with the delivery of CIOB Awarding Organisation qualifications should familiarise themselves with our qualifications guidance and procedure documentation.

For support Centres should contact, for any Centre enquiries, the Quality Coordinator, Marita Trevett telephone: +44 (0)1344 630742 or email: [email protected]. For student enquiries contact the Qualifications Administrator, Susan Cayley, telephone: +44 (0) 1344 630829 or email: [email protected]

Centres will be required to comply with all the relevant requirements as specified within our current and future documentation to ensure all regulatory conditions are met. New requirements may be issued at any stage as Ofqual has the authority to release new regulatory documents at any point in time. The Awarding Organisation will notify centres accordingly of any changes that may affect Approved Centres. 

We have comprehensive policies and guidance documentation available for Centres, learners and companies. These documents cover all aspects of information for the Level 3 Certificate and Diploma in Site Supervisory Studies and Level 4 Site Management qualifications.  Our guidance, policies and procedures are essential to our approach and provide a clear and consistent source of how we and the qualifications providers are required to meet internal and regulatory conditions.

CIOB Awarding Organisation documents are reviewed in line with newly released regulatory criteria and are fully reviewed annually to ensure that they remain current and fit for purpose.

The CIOB Awarding Organisation is continuously committed to quality. Providing feedback is a valuable contribution every student can make in order to help us gage how well our courses meet your expectations and that of industry. Responses that emphasise good practice can enable us to share best practice, or either highlight issues which will enable us to provide support to either centres or students where it is needed.