CIOB Library

The CIOB library offers our Chartered Members, Fellows, Student Members and Applicants a collection of construction-related online journals and e-books which can be accessed anywhere in the world, day or night.

What is the CIOB Library?

The library is a free online service Chartered Members, Fellows, Student Members and Applicants can use to access online resources on built-environment topics. The collection covers thousands of books, academic journals, magazines, reports and more.

We can offer advice on search techniques, but we do not undertake literature research on behalf of members.


How do I gain access to the Library?

When you first register for the library, you will have to contact us to receive a username and a password. Once you have user credentials, please follow the link on the right to visit the library.

Request Library Credentials

Access the Library

How to Use the Library

Download the file below for instructions on how to use the library's search functions fully. It covers topics such as searching for a book, journal, a specific author or an article.