The Paul Dockerill Award

The CIOB is launching the inaugural Paul Dockerill Award, open to anyone in the UK, which provides up to £10,000 to fuel innovation, resident engagement, and an increased focus on fire safety.

The award celebrates Paul Dockerill FCIOB, who passed away suddenly in November 2022. Paul, a CIOB Trustee, was a visionary and a dedicated professional in the construction and built environment industry, and the award reflects his passion for innovation in building safety through mentoring, skills development, and, most importantly, the improvement of fire safety and resident engagement in the UK. 

His pioneering initiatives, notably the development with DEEO of the Twinnedit digital twin solution created following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, showcased his commitment to enhancing fire safety and building regulations. Paul was a founding member of the Housing Safety and Wellbeing Taskforce.

His legacy lives on through The Paul Dockerill Award, inspiring future innovators in the construction sector. The prestigious award is managed by the CIOB and is open to any UK resident looking to develop a research project fuelled by innovation, skills development, fire safety, and resident engagement. Paul believed that positive change could come from anyone, regardless of their background or professional affiliation, and as such the award is open to anyone with fresh and innovative ideas, CIOB members and non-members alike. 


What are we looking for? 

Your application should meet one or more of the key focus areas listed below:  

  1. Innovation: Ground-breaking ideas that can revolutionise construction, particularly in the context of fire safety and resident engagement. 
  2. Skills Building: The development of skills, people looking to enter the industry that can elevate the construction and built environment industry. 
  3. Fire Safety: Projects that focus on improving fire safety measures in residential settings. 
  4. Resident Engagement: Fostering strong connections between residents and their surroundings and enabling resident participation. 

Possible projects for the award could include, but are not limited to:

  • Renewable energy systems for residents. 
  • Safety app to allow residents to communicate about fire risks and building updates. 
  • Educational materials for building safety. 
  • A toolkit for landlord-resident collaboration. 
  • Virtual reality for building safety training. 
  • A real-time safety dashboard for housing. 
  • A housing innovation challenge. 
  • Professional development in building safety. 
  • A resident voice group.
  • Or any other project that fits with the key focus areas.

Applications will open on 1 February 2024, and must be submitted by 30 June 2024. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed in July 2024 (date TBC), with the funding available to successful applicants for up to 18 months. 

How to apply

Download the entry form and guidance notes, ensuring you have read the notes before completing the entry form. Submit the form by emailing Antonia Lanyiova at [email protected] before 30 June 2024. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed in July 2024 (date TBC), with the funding available to successful scholars for up to 18 months.