Becoming a Student Member

Student membership is our entry point to membership for those who are either studying full-time or part-time, alongside employment.

There is no professional review and no post-nominals, so Student membership is not classed as Chartered Membership. It is, however, a great starting point for any students wishing to enter into Chartered Membership in the future.

Student membership gives you instant access to a wealth of resources that will support your transition to a worthwhile career. We welcome students from around the globe and from a wide range of disciplines including construction, architecture, engineering, environment, design conversation and many more.


Student Membership gives you access to a wealth of benefits that will support your transition to a worthwhile career within the construction industry. These benefits include:

  • Resources: As a member, you will have access to CIOB's library and many online resources that will help you in your studies.
  • Events: Student Membership gives you free or discounted access to hundreds of events every year, including CPD and networking events, and site visits. Find out more at
  • Novus: a community for young professionals. See below to learn more.


If you are studying full-time without employment, you can apply for our free student membership. If you are studying and employed, you can apply for our part-time student membership for a small annual fee. Please check our fees page for accurate information on subscription fees in your country or region.

CIOB Novus - Our young professionals network

Novus is a community within the CIOB for the rising stars to flourish; providing the opportunity for young professionals to develop and grow on a personal and professional level.


 Ever wondered what Novus means? Other than being the Latin word for new, it is also our global network for young construction professionals. People join Novus to network with like-minded professionals, to drum to a different beat of learning with construction events and live site visits.

At its heart though are people who want to inspire the next generation. Novus works with schools, colleges and universities, promoting construction careers, giving students an insight into what it's like to be in a job that leaves a legacy unlike any other. Our young professionals learn vital leadership skills In the process gain recognition. It’s the fast lane for getting involved in CIOB boards, special interest groups and other platforms. So join novice if you want your voice heard in your career boosted.



Novus is a community within the CIOB for the rising stars to flourish; providing the opportunity for young professionals to develop and grow on a personal and professional level. Our vibrant Novus groups offer younger members the chance to network with people who are also taking their first steps on the career ladder. Tailor-made workshops, site visits and networking events are run on a regular basis specifically for Novus providing them with the opportunities to learn and to build their network. Novus offers much more than just events; with Novus groups engaging regularly with schools and universities through presentations and career fairs, helping to encourage the young professionals of tomorrow into the industry.

Becoming Chartered After Graduation

As a general rule and depending on your degree, you will need at least three years years of industry experience before taking the Professional Review to become a Chartered Construction Manager or Chartered Builder. Chartership – or MCIOB - is an internationally recognised accreditation that is comparable to a British honours degree and demonstrates that you are working to the highest professional standards. It is increasingly being demanded by employers and clients.

The CIOB has developed programmes and courses that can help you gain additional qualifications and improve your employment prospects. Click here to learn more about what it takes to become chartered. Getting involved with our Novus network will offer you opportunities to expand your expertise and network by attending CPD and networking events. It is the perfect start to your construction career.