Ayo Allu


Director of Design, Technical and Innovation, Clarion Housing, CIOB Client Champion, Member of Client Steering Group

Ayo is a chartered professional with extensive experience in the Built Environment Sector and works closely with the CIOB and other key industry stakeholders to improve collaboration between businesses within the UK.

His career has involved working for Tier 1 contractors, investors, and clients, both developing and delivering infrastructure and construction projects in the rail, education, civic and residential sectors. Working predominantly in pre-construction disciplines, he specialises in strategic decision making at the key stages of project formation.

Ayo works in the development business for the UK’s largest affordable housing provider, leading strategic priorities that are fundamental to the safe and sustainable growth of the business. His core interests cover Project Management, Product Development, BIM and Offsite Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Sustainability, Fire Safety, Strategic Procurement and Innovation.

With a focus on both new development and asset management, these strategic priorities drive an increase in quality for end users, increase profitability and reduce risk to the business.