Are you an educator in construction looking to get chartered?

Learn more about how becoming a Chartered Member can benefit you and your career.

Last updated: 18th March 2024

Becoming a CIOB Chartered Member isn’t only for on-site construction professionals, we have a range of memberships that can help enhance your academic career, including our pathway for educators.

One of our members, Patrick Manu MCIOB, is a Professor of Innovative Construction and Project Management, and joined CIOB as a Student Member whilst studying for his PhD.

“My journey with CIOB has been instrumental for my academic career, particularly in providing a platform to meet construction professionals. One of the first CIOB events I attended was about the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2007. At that time, I was only beginning to delve into the area of construction safety and health management, so attending that event and meeting professionals was very helpful. Now, I am an established academic and researcher in construction, particularly in safety and health management, and this is partly thanks to the CIOB.”

Patrick found that completing his chartership assessment was a useful exercise as it made him reflect on his professional practice, his career journey, and which direction he wanted to take in his professional development. Every applicant completes a written assignment, also known as a Professional Review (PR), to demonstrate their knowledge of specific competencies.

“The PR support was great! The information on CIOB’s website was good and I had a very friendly telephone conversation with a staff within CIOB’s Member and Customer Service team who explained the process and provided relevant information. 

My tip for anyone looking to take the academic PR pathway is to set aside time to write up the application. I spent two weeks during the summer when it was less busy at work. If you need help on any aspect of the PR application, ask the CIOB team or others who have successfully gone through that pathway.”

Are you interested in becoming a Chartered Member and showing colleagues and clients that your skills reach the highest international standards? If you have a bachelor's degree, master's or doctorate (or equivalent), and over five years' experience researching or teaching a construction-related subject, then our Educator Pathway could be for you.