Learn more about our Industry PR Pathway to CIOB chartership

Looking to add 'MCIOB' after your name? Find out more from one of our members.

Last updated: 2nd February 2024

If you’re a construction professional looking to gain professional development and recognition for your skills, you can join CIOB and become a Chartered Member.

Becoming Chartered will give you a globally recognised certificate and the right to add ‘MCIOB’ after your name, proving to colleagues and clients that your skills meet the highest standards.

Our member, Man Kei Cheung MCIOB, journeyed down this pathway to enhance his project management knowledge and to be recognised as a construction industry professional.

“I chose the Industry PR Pathways because I had been working in construction for over 20 years in a project management role, and this route met my background and academic qualifications. Becoming chartered has given me more bargaining power to obtain further professional career development.”

This pathway requires members to complete and pass a written assessment called the Professional Review (PR). We have a range of support to help members throughout this process, including workshops and mentors.

“My advice is to always make yourself well prepared by using all the tools available, such as attending workshops and specific communication CIOB, they absolutely help you with clear instructions and save you time to obtain what you need. Attending the workshops made me understand the guidelines and criteria of PR and how to write like a professional.”

Our Industry PR Pathway is suitable for those with a degree-level qualification and three years (for a construction-related degree) or five years (for a non-construction-related degree) of construction management experience.

Ready to learn more about becoming a Chartered Member? Find out further information here.