Are you a Non-Chartered member?

The Associate (ACIOB) and Incorporated (ICIOB) grades are stepping stones towards full Chartered membership. You are expected to reach this status by June 2025. Find what you need to progress further

Check if you're eligible 

To be eligible to join, the CIOB takes into account many factors: education, professional experience, membership with other professional bodies, academic achievements and more.

Visit our Chartered Membership page to find what awaits you as a Chartered Member. If you do not currently meet our eligibility requirements, we have tailored programmes designed to help you reach your full potential and unlock career opportunities.

If you are an existing Incorporate or Associate member, we may be able to assess your practical experience and knowledge in lieu of a Level 6 qualification.

You will need to verify your eligibility with us, so please contact our Customer Service team here.