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An insight into new developments and news in construction management from the professionals on the front line.


9th March 2018
The challenge of attracting a new generation of talent into the industry is sadly a topic all too familiar for the construction industry. Latest UK statistics suggest the sector will have a gap in its workforce at over 150,000 people by 2022, so there are opportunities. Part of the problem is the...
8th March 2018
I didn’t decide to enter the construction industry until my mid-twenties. I was working as a telecom engineer and had 2 young children and really wanted a career change. I had just recently completed a refurbishment of my house and enjoyed it so much I thought a career in construction would be...
7th March 2018
My career path into construction has been a winding, sometimes bumpy, but definitely worthwhile, journey. It hasn’t been the traditional route from school into higher education or an apprenticeship. When I was in my teens I fell on hard times. It was a struggle as I found myself homeless and felt...
6th March 2018
There is no quicker way to learn than to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar environment, and that’s how apprenticeships work. People are immersed in their role and they learn by doing. It really is no wonder why work-based learning delivers such fantastic results for employers. They offer businesses...
6th March 2018
Each year the CIOB run the Sir Ian Dixon Scholarship, which is a one-year research scholarship on the subject of construction management. This year’s recipients, Alex Stephens and George Holder, are both new to construction, with less than 6 years in the industry between them. For National Careers...
5th March 2018
When I started my career in construction, it was by accident. I was given work experience as a receptionist at a building surveyor’s office in the years when the girls were given the admin tasks and the boys got the [to me] interesting technical roles and I found myself getting hooked on the...
26th February 2018
I discovered the Construction Manager of the Year Awards (CMYA) back when I was a student and decided then that one day I would apply, and one day I would win. Throughout my career the award has been at the back of mind but I wanted to wait to find that moment where I felt worthy of it.
30th November 2017
If you hold any sensitive client, employee or supplier data, you could be at risk of a cyber-attack and data breach. A recent survey by Hiscox insurance found that 51% of UK businesses have experienced a cyber-attack in the past 12 months. Although large organisations such as the NHS attack make...
1st November 2017
Any industry suffering from a skills shortage is shooting itself in the foot if it doesn’t make itself an attractive career option for the entire population. But that’s where we in the construction sector find ourselves, having failed to attract a diverse workforce.
14th August 2017
The consequences of the fallout from the Grenfell Tower disaster is likely to put considerable pressure on the resources within the industry to cope with the extensive rework programmes needed to remedy the growing numbers of unsafe buildings.