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13th October 2020
In June 2020 CIOB President Mark Beard announced the launch of the CIOB 2030 Visionary Project. This exciting new initiative aims to set up a global vision for the CIOB based on industry best practiCe and where the built environment should develop to over the next decade; analysing emerging trends...
12th October 2020
As part of World Mental Health Day, we hear the story of one man's struggle with stress and depression, as told by his wife, Michelle.
8th October 2020
Since we launched our report, Understanding Mental Health in the Built Environment, in May 2020, the CIOB and its policy and public affairs team have been busy campaigning to raise awareness of poor mental health in construction.
2nd October 2020
It’s National Inclusion Week and the CIOB is helping to mark it by hosting the launch of Construct-Ability, a networking and campaigning group for the construction community. Jez Cutler, a founder of this new group, tells us about his career in construction and why understanding issues around...
29th September 2020
The Government has recently published the Draft Building Safety Bill, which is designed to take forward fundamental reform of the building safety system and provide urgent review of the way in which quality and safety are managed in the construction industry. The draft bill sets out a compelling...
25th September 2020
In September 2020, Christine Gausden RD FCIOB, Trustee of the CIOB, marked 50 years of working in the built environment. Here she tells us of her career highlights and the breadth of her professional and voluntary activities.
18th September 2020
When I became a Fellow of the CIOB, in 2010, and was advised that I had passed the interview process, it felt like such a great achievement! This was gained through hard work and effort in my day job and is, to this day, proof to other professionals of my credentials and level of experience.
14th September 2020
We all know that building projects have environmental impacts in some way – some much more than others, but there are a multitude of ways to reduce these impacts, resulting in the protection and enhancement of the environment.
9th September 2020
Last month the Industry Safety Steering Group [ISSG] published our second report to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.
26th August 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented opportunity for positive change, and the construction industry has a crucial role to play in a clean, fair, sustainable recovery.