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18th October 2019
On Monday [14 October] the Queen addressed parliament to outline the government’s policy priorities. This blog looks at some of the key issues faced by the construction sector covered in the speech.
10th October 2019
In 2018, a survey by Mind found that nearly half of those surveyed had experienced a mental health problem in their current job. The same research found that only half of those who had experienced poor mental health had spoken to their employer about it.
7th October 2019
The CIOB Policy and Public Affairs team attended Labour’s Party conference in Brighton and the Conservative’s Party conference in Manchester to discuss key issues affecting construction and the wider built environment.
25th September 2019
We have teamed up with spoken word artist Lionheartfelt to promote professionalism through poetry
25th September 2019
Since its introduction in 1993, the Chartered Building Company and Consultancy scheme has gone from strength to strength, and now over 440 firms from all over the world are a part of it. The scheme was developed to benefit both companies and consultancies of all sizes in the construction sector.
24th September 2019
It’s been nearly a week since the Construction Manager of the Year Awards 2019 – a wonderful, celebratory evening which is the highlight of my time with the CIOB so far!
16th September 2019
As I write, the UK is due to leave the European Union on 31 October 2019. But regardless of when we leave, there are practical matters at hand.
12th September 2019
They say if you know someone who has a story to tell, lend them a camera. Which is why the Chartered Institute of Building runs the Art of Building competition. Through it, a host of photographers from around the world have revealed what buildings means to them, and us.
10th September 2019
Several industry groups have reported that companies are unprepared for the new change to VAT rules that were due to come into effect in October 2019. We now know the change will be delayed for 12 months and will start on 1 October 2020. So we're taking this opportunity to explain what it is...
28th August 2019
Anyone with just a passing interest in our activities will be aware that one of our areas of focus is quality in construction. Members who may be reading this will likely have been involved in our quality agenda work in some shape or form and I want to highlight the excellent work done so far.