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30th November 2020
Lisa's blog shares her struggles associated with a ‘disability’ label, both in the way that she identifies with it and knowing the negative connotations that some others take from the word.
26th November 2020
Everybody’s life has experienced some sort of shift, and as a member of the Chartered Institute of Building, you’ve got us to support you. Read to find out what we’ve done to support members so far this year, and what we’ll continue doing.
13th November 2020
The CIOB Client Group does what it says on the tin. It’s a group of CIOB members who work for clients, and whose aims are to share best practice within the UK and internationally. It also has links to bodies such as Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Construction Leadership Council (CLC),...
13th November 2020
An industry is only as good as its people. Improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a challenge for all sectors. As an industry faced with a significant skills shortages, it makes business – as well as ethical – sense to send out a strong message that construction is a viable and...
12th November 2020
In recent years, it has become staunchly apparent that the high-rise building market lacks properly qualified safety practitioners. Indeed, this lack of understanding around building quality and fire safety stretches beyond just high-rise projects.
7th November 2020
Mascott Construction (Europe) Ltd. tell us why they joined the Chartered Building Company scheme, and why your company should too.
6th November 2020
Emma Nicholson FCIOB tells us about her experience of serving on CIOB committees and makes the case for getting involved to build you confidence, skills and network.
24th October 2020
CIAT is the global membership qualifying body for Architectural Technology. We exist as a not-for-profit organisation and we lead and promote the discipline of architectural technology, setting and maintaining standards for education, practice and professionalism.
20th October 2020
You may have seen that the CIOB launched a new massive open online course (MOOC) entitled ‘Mental Health in Construction’recently. This course actively encourages dialogues from industry professionals across the globe, for those who take part they will learn to understand the signs and symptoms of...
14th October 2020
13 milliseconds. According to a team of neuroscientists from MIT that is how long it takes your brain to process an entire image. Perhaps that should be unsurprising, after all we have been hardwired to absorb visual information for much longer than text. But even so, we respond to imagery in a...