Construction Innovation and Quality Scholarship

This scholarship is a unique, exciting opportunity to focus on a specific area of construction design, quality and project delivery whilst considering innovative ideas and approaches.

What is the Construction Innovation and Quality Scholarship?

The Construction Innovation and Quality Scholarship is designed to provide an invaluable professional development opportunity for those working towards a career in construction management. By completing a research project or enterprising work experience activity, you will gain experience, skills and a complete understanding of just what it takes to succeed in construction management.

The focus of this scholarship is Innovation and Quality. During the scholarship programme, you will be required to complete a research project with a definable, published output that is relevant to the industry. If successful in joining the programme, you will be encouraged and supported to see your idea through to the end, because we believe it will bring a real, tangible benefit to the construction industry. In this way, the scholarship aims to inspire a culture of construction innovation by advancing the science and practice of construction through the adoption of new approaches.

By carrying out a research project or work experience activity as part a Construction Innovation and Quality Scholarship, you will develop invaluable knowledge and skills to enable you to excel in a career in construction management.


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All applications are treated in the strictest confidence, and your details will not be passed to third parties.

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