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18th September 2020
When I became a Fellow of the CIOB, in 2010, and was advised that I had passed the interview process, it felt like such a great achievement! This was gained through hard work and effort in my day job and is, to this day, proof to other professionals of my credentials and level of experience.
9th September 2020
Last month the Industry Safety Steering Group [ISSG] published our second report to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.
26th August 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented opportunity for positive change, and the construction industry has a crucial role to play in a clean, fair, sustainable recovery.
9th July 2020
If you are a CIOB member working client-side, then this blog should be of particular interest to you. In the past few months, the CIOB has joined forces with the Construction Clients’ Leadership Group (CCLG) to form a collaborative client group that focusses on client leadership in our industry.
25th June 2020
We know quality is a problem. Nobody in the industry needs the CIOB to state that, rework can cost as much as 2% of the job value. Productivity declines and waste levels rise. Quality is about reputation and it is reflected in every firm’s balance sheet.
25th June 2020
Five years ago, we undertook a review of our grades, which resulted in the closure of the non-chartered grades (ACIOB & ICIOB). However, since this closure we have become involved in a number of apprenticeships in England, Wales, and Scotland, many of which are technical sub-degree routes into...
24th June 2020
Even in these difficult times we must be optimistic about the future. Yes, we need to address the various challenges COVID 19 has thrown at us, and we need to empathise with all CIOB members who have hit hard times.
23rd June 2020
As my presidency at the CIOB comes to an end, it is the perfect time to reflect on the work we have achieved. During my presidency I made mental health and wellbeing my focus and the conversations and work we have achieved over the year is just the beginning.
23rd June 2020
Since the start of the year we have been putting the CIOB brand under the microscope to see how it sits in a busy and complex external landscape. We have called this project our ‘Strategic Positioning Review’ and we started off on this road because of our new Corporate Plan.