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An insight into new developments and news in construction management from the professionals on the front line.


13th March 2020
In Wednesday’s Budget the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced that the Government would provide £1 billion to fund the removal and replacement of unsafe non-ACM cladding systems installed on high-rise residential buildings in both the private and social housing sectors. That is...
10th September 2019
Several industry groups have reported that companies are unprepared for the new change to VAT rules that were due to come into effect in October 2019. We now know the change will be delayed for 12 months and will start on 1 October 2020. So we're taking this opportunity to explain what it is...
15th August 2019
The CIOB believes that most construction professionals will work on historic buildings at some point in their career - in the UK alone, 50% of all construction works are on traditional buildings.
20th May 2019
It’s Dementia Action Week, and a good time to talk about what the construction industry can do to support not just the creation of homes and office spaces, but the development of spaces to help people live well in the buildings we create.
7th May 2019
James Simpson OBE Hon.DSc FRIAS, Chairman of the Building Limes Forum, discusses the rebuilding of Notre Dame after the fire, highlighting the importance of the skilled trades and welcoming the opportunity the project creates for in depth training and experience at all levels. The fire was a...
18th February 2019
Estimating is the earliest stage of involvement a contractor has on a construction project. Despite often being the shortest phase, it sets the whole scene for the rest of the project. If you get it wrong, you live with the consequences for the rest of the project, making it vital to get right...
10th July 2018
As part of the CIOB Members’ Forum, we are delighted to be able to see an example of leading construction in Canada. PCL Construction is opening its doors for our members to see the frontline of the industry in Toronto. Here Troy Galvin, Manager of PCL’s offsite manufacturing facility strategically...
21st June 2018
As many of our members will already know, we at the CIOB have been working on a new online system to add even more value to the relationship you have with us. Behind the scenes we have been working hard to design, develop, test and implement the new membership portal. Every department from...
29th March 2018
The majority of construction professionals will work on historic buildings at some point during their career, but most will not understand the different approaches needed to repair and ‘restore’ traditional construction. This is the predominant reason for the creation of the CIOB’s Conservation...
21st February 2017
Last week Professor John Coles published his report into the building defects that led to emergency closure of seventeen schools in Edinburgh in 2016. It makes sobering reading for anyone who cares about our industry and the reputation of those who work in it.