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15th April 2019
In 2018, just under 7,000 individuals were identified as potential victims of Modern Slavery and referred into the government’s National Referral Mechanism (NRM) – a 300% rise since 2013. However, there is a consensus that these statistics do not reflect the true picture of Modern Slavery in the UK...
8th April 2019
Achieving the Fellowship was very significant to me. It was a watershed moment in my career and, after years of hard work, it felt like I had reached the pinnacle of my profession.
11th March 2019
This month, the UK government announced that they will be seeking seven new members for the Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) and it would be great to see CIOB members take up the opportunity.
11th February 2019
It is estimated that poor quality is costing the construction industry annually more than the combined profits of the companies in the industry. Research by Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) suggested that quality management could save the industry between £7bn and £12bn.
21st January 2019
The Quality Tracker is a welcome and timely contribution to possibly the most pressing issue of our day: quality. While our profession is often spectacularly successful – and we have the world-wide reputation to prove it – there are also still far too many instances where, for complex reasons,...
19th November 2018
I recently asked a question online. It was a simple question and yet, it started a conversation about Construction Quality Management that I think we can all learn from. This was the question I asked: "If you were to improve Quality Management within construction, what's the first area...
15th October 2018
Earlier this year, I represented the CIOB to announce the launch of the Building in Quality initiative with RIBA and RICS. We signed a Joint Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of establishing a chain of custody for quality that would link those who commission buildings with those who use them...
27th September 2018
Modern slavery is a pernicious and hidden crime. We’re only just beginning to understand the level of risk it poses to UK supply chains. But as our knowledge increases, corporate response to the Modern Slavery Act remains lacklustre. With many organisations in paralysis, the arguments for and...
14th August 2018
A few years ago, the CIOB Art of Building photography competition raised money for Article 25, a UK charity that specialises in providing architectural and project management support for disaster hit areas in the world.
13th July 2018
Listening is an underrated skill and good conversations are never one way. That is why Members Forum is such an important event in our calendar. It is the chance for us to listen to each other and learn.