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26th November 2020
Everybody’s life has experienced some sort of shift, and as a member of the Chartered Institute of Building, you’ve got us to support you. Read to find out what we’ve done to support members so far this year, and what we’ll continue doing.
12th November 2020
In recent years, it has become staunchly apparent that the high-rise building market lacks properly qualified safety practitioners. Indeed, this lack of understanding around building quality and fire safety stretches beyond just high-rise projects.
9th July 2020
If you are a CIOB member working client-side, then this blog should be of particular interest to you. In the past few months, the CIOB has joined forces with the Construction Clients’ Leadership Group (CCLG) to form a collaborative client group that focusses on client leadership in our industry.
25th June 2020
We know quality is a problem. Nobody in the industry needs the CIOB to state that, rework can cost as much as 2% of the job value. Productivity declines and waste levels rise. Quality is about reputation and it is reflected in every firm’s balance sheet.
22nd June 2020
On the surface Governance is not a topic that captures the headlines, unless something goes wrong. Essentially governance influences how an organisation’s objectives are set and achieved, how risk is monitored and addressed and how performance is optimised.
8th April 2020
After days and weeks of lockdown I’m sure that you, like me, have been manic trying to tackle the different challenges of operating in a much more virtual environment. You may have also found yourself with a bit of extra time on your hands. There’s tempting fodder out there – TikTok dances,...
29th March 2020
At the time of writing, the construction sector is, along with the rest of the UK, grappling with a global crisis caused by the Coronavirus. Because of the nature of our work, we are well prepared to deal with many health and safety challenges, but the demands we are facing now are unprecedented....
13th March 2020
In Wednesday’s Budget the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced that the Government would provide £1 billion to fund the removal and replacement of unsafe non-ACM cladding systems installed on high-rise residential buildings in both the private and social housing sectors. That is...
3rd January 2020
Our CEO looks ahead to 2020 and previews some of the activity lined up for early this year.
20th November 2019
As a school boy, I knew that I wanted to be in the construction industry. I knew that I wanted to be working on major projects – place my mark and legacy on the international construction scene. How to get there was the question.