Malaysia Membership Fees

If you have any issues when trying to pay your subscription fees, or if you have any other questions, you can contact your local branch. Concessionary rates are available for eligible members.

Payment Options

We make paying your membership fees easy by giving you the option to pay online, by direct debit (for UK bank account holders only), over the telephone, or by sending us a cheque. Payment receipts are issued automatically via email - please allow up to 48 hours for delivery. See below to find out more about these payment options.

Pro-rata subscriptions

Our subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Members joining from the 1 February each year will be eligible for a pro-rata subscription.

Pro-rata subscriptions are calculated on a monthly basis across the year based on the full year subscription.

Thinking of retiring in 2023?

We offer a reduced rate for Associate, Incorporated and Chartered members who have retired. For more information about concessionary rates login to our members portal (top right) and click on 'membership'. Please note you can only apply for this once you are retired.

Grade descriptions

Subscription Rates

When you move grades (for example, on achieving MCIOB), you will be required to pay the difference between membership subscription fees; this is called a "subscription adjustment".

Grade 2023 subscription*
Member £244
Incorporated £210
Associate £210
Applicant £244
Student - Basic Free
Student - Enhanced £40
Student - Enhanced Self Development £80
Retired - Under 75 years £56
Retired - Over 75 years Free
Fellow £288
Technical Member £210
Member - Academic¬ £122
Applicant - Academic¬ £122
Fellow - Academic¬ £144


Other Fees

Service Fee
Admission Fee £86
Professional Review £329
Professional Review - Academic¬ £165
NVQ7 Professional Review Fee £274
Individual Assessment Fee £27
Fellowship Assessment Fee £725
Fellowship Assessment Fee - Academic¬ £363
Technical Membership Assessment Fee £329
Award Ceremony £57 (Guests £67)
Replacement Membership Card £12
Replacement Membership Certificate £28


Professional Development Programme

Service Fee
Registration Fee £329
Final Assessment Fee £155


Chartered Membership Programme (CMP)

Service Fee
Exam Fee £424


Regulated Qualifications

Service Fee
Level 3 and 4 Unit Registration £24
Regulated Qualifications Registration Fee £107


Chartered Environmentalist Fees

Service Fee
Subscription £74
Registration Fee £113
Professional Review £329


Other Fee Information

*If you hold dual membership of both CIOB and CIAT you may be eligible for reduced rates

¬ Academic rates are available to education professionals whose income is derived from the teaching of building or construction related courses in the education sector.


Building Conservation

Service Fee
Building Conservation Annual Subscription £107
Building Conservation Certification - Certified Assessment Fee £267
Building Conservation Certification - Proficient Assessment Fee £267
Building Conservation Certification - Registered Assessment Fee £160
Building Conservation Certification - Mandatory Workshop £50


Chartered Building Companies

Company Fee
Under £1 Million £308
£1 - £5 Million £494
£5 - £25 Million £988
£25 - £50 Million £1,231
Over £50 Million £1,848
Enrolment Fee - Under £5 Million £166
Enrolment Fee - Over £5 Million £290


Chartered Building Consultancies

Consultancy Fee
1 Professional Staff £115
2 to 3 Professional Staff £235
4 to 5 Professional Staff £401
6 to 8 Professional Staff £792
9 to 12 Professional Staff £1,002
13 to 25 Professional Staff £1,572
26+ Professional Staff £1,884
Enrolment Fee 1 to 3 Professional Staff £166
Enrolment Fee 4+ Professional Staff £290