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If you hold dual membership of both CIOB and CIAT you may be eligible for reduced rates. These reduced rates can be found here.

Both retired and concessionary rates are only available to MCIOB and FCIOB members.

Pro-rata subscriptions

Our subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Members joining from the 1 February each year will be eligible for a pro-rata subscription.

Pro-rata subscriptions are calculated on a monthly basis across the year based on the full year subscription.

Subscription Rates

2018 subscription

Other Fees

Admission Fee: 
Professional Review: 
NVQ7 Professional Review Fee: 
Individual Assessment Fee: 
Award Ceremony: 
Replacement Membership Card: 
Replacement Membership Certificate: 

Professional Development Programme

Registration Fee: 
Final Assessment Fee: 

Experienced Practitioner Assessed Report (EPAR)

EPAR Entry Assessment Fee: 
EPAR Exam Fee: 

Chartered Membership Programme (CMP)

Registration Fee: 
Exam Fee: 

Regulated Qualifications

Chartered Environmentalist Fees

Professional Review: 
Registration Fee: 
Administration Fee: 

Other Fee Information

* There are different fees for student membership depending on your qualifications, experience and employment history. For further information, contact


Chartered Building Companies

Under £1 Million£373Plus VAT
£1 - £5 Million£598Plus VAT
£5 - £25 Million£1,196Plus VAT
£25 - £50 Million£1,490Plus VAT
Over £50 Million£2,237Plus VAT
Enrolment Fee <£5m turnover£200Plus VAT
Enrolment Fee >£5m turnover£350Plus VAT

Chartered Building Consultancies

1 Professional Staff£139Plus VAT
2 to 3 Professional Staff£285Plus VAT
4 to 5 Professional Staff£485Plus VAT
6 to 8 Professional Staff£958Plus VAT
9 to 12 Professional Staff£1,212Plus VAT
13 to 25 Professional Staff£1,902Plus VAT
26+ Professional Staff£2,280Plus VAT
Enrolment Fee 1 to 3 Professional Staff£200Plus VAT
Enrolment Fee 4+ Staff£350Plus VAT

UK Payment Options

In joining for the first time, or renewing your membership of the CIOB you are formally agreeing to continue to abide by the Institute's Byelaws and Rules & Regulations of professional competence and conduct and to uphold professional standards in your work.

Pay online

You can pay online in pounds sterling using an internationally recognised debit or credit card via the members log in area. (Please note your bank may charge you for this service). You will receive an immediate confirmation of payment via email and you will be able to download your receipt from the website the next day.


We accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Diners Club, JCB and Maestro. This includes prepaid debit & credit cards. 

Pay by Direct Debit

The Direct Debit form is available within the Members log in area. Complete all fields, including your membership number and return to us before 1 December 2017 to enable us to set up the Direct Debit before the January 2018 deadline.

Pay over the telephone

Call the Subscription Team on 01344 630831 to pay in pounds sterling by debit or credit card. (Please note our telephone lines get very busy during January and February). 

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Diners Club, JCB and Maestro. This includes prepaid debit & credit cards. 

Pay by cheque

Please make your cheque payable to The Chartered Institute of Building and post to:

Subscriptions Department,

Chartered Institute of Building,

1 Arlington Square,

Downshire Way,


RG12 1WA


Please quote your membership number on the back, so that we can allocate the payment to your account.