How to Join and Become Chartered

CIOB's Chartered Membership (MCIOB) is comparable to a Bachelor’s Degree, and CIOB Chartered Fellowship (FCIOB) is equivalent to a Master’s Degree. As a Chartered member of CIOB, you will be part of the world's largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership, with nearly 50,000 members in more than 100 countries.

Why become a CIOB member?

We asked members why they joined the CIOB.


Hello, my name's Jerry. I'm George, I'm Lee

I am Adesola Okunoren. I'm Megan. And I'm Scott. Hi, my name is Tony Bradbery. And I'm a member of the Chartered Institute of Building, the Chartered Institute of Building.

Recognition of my experience in life and academic experience, I think it demonstrates to other people who I am and the principles that I hold, just give out your business card, send an email with MCIOB on the end. People know that talking to somebody who knows what they're on about, for me to be relevant in an organisation and when it comes to bidding for projects, I want to be I want to be able to be put forward and be involved.

I think it's something that all they know haven't been on the agenda. You realise the benefits is you can go anywhere in the world and everybody knows the CIOB in the construction industry. Being chartered is recognised internationally.

So it gives you a passport, I think. And to be honest, it gives you the kudos as well. As an employer I would prefer someone who was in this institute to actually work for me, consultants, clients. They'll see the MCIOB or the FCIOB after your name and they'll know at the same time that you've been through structured learning, you've achieved a certain level of technical achievement and managerial training. People already look you with different eyes and they know that you're capable.

It's an independent recognition that those people are professionals. Even though I knew I could do the job, it's that recognition that I can do the job. The quicker you get into this level the better. It's a very honest accreditation and it's all about doing your best. That little bit of effort at the start is more than worth the gains you're going to get in the end. Do it now and sit back and enjoy it. It's not a 9 to 5 job, but I'll tell you what: see at the end of the journey. The satisfaction levels are incredible. Really well worth it.

1. Check if you're eligible 

To be eligible to join, CIOB considers many factors: professional experience, education, membership with other professional bodies and more. Visit our Become a Member page to find what awaits you as a member of CIOB. If you do not currently meet our eligibility requirements for Chartered Membership or Fellowship, we have a tailored pathway designed to help you reach your full potential and unlock career opportunities.

2. Register online now

The first step is to create an account on our online portal –  once you have done this, you can complete our Pathway Finder and start your journey to Chartered Membership or Fellowship.

3. Submit your application

You need to upload an up-to-date copy of your CV and any relevant qualifications. Once you submit your application and pay the appropriate fees, it will be assessed and verified, usually within 14 working days. You will first join one of our Pathways and a Non-Chartered membership grade of Applicant or Student.

4. Find your pathway to Membership

After your application has been reviewed, we will provide you with further guidance on the next steps to gain Chartered Membership or Fellowship. If you need to undertake additional study or qualifications, we will provide you with more information to decide the most efficient way to progress forward.

5. Working on your Professional Review or Fellowship assessment

Professional Review 

This is the final stage before getting Chartered Membership. Once confirmed to be eligible for the Professional Review, you should start working on it. This assessment demonstrates your knowledge, skills and experience in key areas of occupational, managerial and professional competence. We will support you with your application. Help is available in a variety of ways to meet your individual needs.

Fellowship Assessment

Those with extensive industry experience at a senior level can apply directly for our Fellowship (FCIOB) award, our highest Chartered grade, or choose to upgrade as they progress within their career. 

You will receive support and a workshop to help develop your written fellowship assessment and Panel review. This is the final stage before getting Chartered Fellowship.