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10th August 2018
This year’s Members’ Forum was held in Toronto, Canada; the first time Members’ Forum has been held in the Americas. Members’ Forum is an annual event, bringing together leading construction professionals from across the globe with a number of activities to take part in, including site visits,...
13th July 2018
Listening is an underrated skill and good conversations are never one way. That is why Members Forum is such an important event in our calendar. It is the chance for us to listen to each other and learn.
12th July 2018
I am really proud to become President of the CIOB 2018/19 and to follow on from Rebecca. The torch gets passed from one President to another each year. That keeps us consistent and supports the momentum we need on these big issues.
11th July 2018
The construction industry used to be on a par with other industries for productivity but over the past 50 years has fallen behind. I am a firm believer that, to catch up and speed up productivity, we must prioritise digital innovation in construction. And what better way to do this than to embrace...
10th July 2018
As part of the CIOB Members’ Forum, we are delighted to be able to see an example of leading construction in Canada. PCL Construction is opening its doors for our members to see the frontline of the industry in Toronto. Here Troy Galvin, Manager of PCL’s offsite manufacturing facility strategically...
9th July 2018
In February 2017, the report into defects that led to the closure of 17 schools in Edinburgh was published. In response to this report and wider concerns about quality in the industry, the CIOB announced that it was setting up a Commission of Past Presidents to investigate the issue of quality in...
29th June 2018
BuildForce is a UK-wide initiative encouraging military Service Leavers and Veterans into construction sector careers. This blog celebrates their work in the run up to Armed Forces Day 2018.
25th June 2018
The role of President of the CIOB goes back to 1838 when the organisation began promoting the science and practice of excellence in building. To be a part of this history is a huge honour and comes with legal and governance responsibilities. The CIOB is highly respected internationally and, to...
22nd June 2018
This year sees the CIOB celebrating ten years of Novus. Novus is the dedicated, passionate group of young professionals who place the CIOB at the heart of their career and prepare young people to be the next generation of the construction industry.
21st June 2018
As many of our members will already know, we at the CIOB have been working on a new online system to add even more value to the relationship you have with us. Behind the scenes we have been working hard to design, develop, test and implement the new membership portal. Every department from...