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29th June 2018
BuildForce is a UK-wide initiative encouraging military Service Leavers and Veterans into construction sector careers. This blog celebrates their work in the run up to Armed Forces Day 2018.
25th June 2018
The role of President of the CIOB goes back to 1838 when the organisation began promoting the science and practice of excellence in building. To be a part of this history is a huge honour and comes with legal and governance responsibilities. The CIOB is highly respected internationally and, to...
22nd June 2018
This year sees the CIOB celebrating ten years of Novus. Novus is the dedicated, passionate group of young professionals who place the CIOB at the heart of their career and prepare young people to be the next generation of the construction industry.
21st June 2018
As many of our members will already know, we at the CIOB have been working on a new online system to add even more value to the relationship you have with us. Behind the scenes we have been working hard to design, develop, test and implement the new membership portal. Every department from...
18th June 2018
One of the many challenges in my role is not to feel continually impressed by our members, working as they do in the most challenging of environments. And only the more cynical among you would find it hard not to be inspired by many of them, too. I consider myself lucky to be able to regularly meet...
11th June 2018
Canada is widely recognized as one of the world’s largest markets for commercial, residential and infrastructure development. The industry is currently in the throes of a major boom, not only because of the surge in exciting new innovations and technologies, but also because of a growing demand for...
5th June 2018
Planet Earth is our home that we share with 7.6 billion human beings and zillions of creatures great and small. Our planet is essentially one giant zoo that we’re all living inside of, and currently rather dominating.
23rd May 2018
Members’ Forum takes place each year, in a new location to announce a new President and with a new focus for the industry. But what about the Forum’s that have gone before? What difference do they really make?
18th May 2018
Construction is a crucial sector within the UK economy. In 2016, the value of new construction work reached its highest level on record at over £99 million and the sector created over 55,000 new jobs. However, with this success comes a challenge: modern day slavery is hidden on construction sites...
11th May 2018
It’s nearly four years since CIOB’s Annual Members’ Forum in Qatar. We covered a lot of ground in that hot and dusty week. As well as looking at world class projects, members learned about the challenges of protecting migrants and the evils of illegal recruitment fees. We also explored best...